Charity Fund «TAPS»

It's a large network of organizations united by a common ideology to help the worldto understand the families of war dead Heroes and provide such familiestools for psychological self-help.

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In 2018, the history of the charitable organization «Charity Fund «TAPS» began

Already at that time we were part of the large international organization TAPS International, which had been working with the families of the victims since 2003.

In 2019, a Declaration of General Intent was signed between TAPS, TAPS USA, and the Dnipro City Council

This partnership has provided an opportunity to train professionals who will help grieve to those who find themselves in the situation of losing loved ones after us.

On February 24 at the initiative of the «CO «CF «TAPS» was founded Coordinating Staff of the Volunteers of Dnipro

Foundation Board of Directors

Foundation co-founder's business cards video

Liliya Kravets

Co-founder of the TAPS Foundation

Yuliya Dmitrova

Founder of the TAPS Foundation

Kateryna Chyzhyk

Co-founder of the TAPS Foundation