Any trip means new emotions


Any trip means new emotions, impressions, feeling of happiness and, of course, perceiving the world around us and us in this world. The magic touch of dolphins, an entertainments park, and a joyful team of kids, volunteers, and veterans - no one stayed indifferent!

The whole day children from the families of dead Heroes and Dnipro volunteers spent in wonderful locations of Kharkiv - NEMO dolphinarium with special psychological rehabilitation program from ATO families, walk around Gorkov park and riding on modern attractions. All these activities united and charged the children with unbelievable emotions.    

This meeting happened thanks to the cooperation of the All-Ukrainian community of relatives of dead militaries NGO in Kharkiv and TAPS-Ukraine in Dnipro. 

It was essential to bring happiness and joy to the children who witnessed so many hard situations in their young years.