Дніпро – форпост допомоги захисникам і переселенцям!

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Dnipro is an outpost of aid to defenders and displaced persons!
TAPS Charitable Foundation is one of the most powerful charitable organizations in Ukraine!
Now the collection for the repair of cars for the front is open.
Cars often break down, but they are very necessary for combat missions.
What is currently an unaffordable amount for our defenders, can be collected quite quickly with joint efforts. Join in!
BF "TAPS" unites Ukrainians who suffered losses due to the war.
Several dozen psychologists support immigrants, military personnel, as well as families with children and volunteers, so that it is easier to experience the consequences of Russia's crimes.

СF "TAPS" together with NGO Crisis Psychological Assistance of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast provided assistance to more than 4,000 people.

Soon TAPS plans to open a rehabilitation gym for military personnel and families of fallen heroes. We need your support in this matter too!
Every hryvnia brings us closer to victory!
If you can help ukranian people - support us!