This Sunday, an unusual master class for children called "Images of emotions in masks" was held in our space of sustainability.

Thanks to cardboard, oil pastels, stickers and other artistic materials, the children created masks, thanks to which they were able to show or hide certain emotions.

"I really like cardboard and oil pastel because they are very simple

materials, even those people who have never drawn are not afraid of them.

And the chalk makes it come alive.

No one will say that they don't know how to make masks either, because they can be any. Creating masks is not even a technique, it is a collage of different materials, and a sculpture, and a drawing - the main thing is that everyone is captivated by the desire to try the materials, because I am interested in creating such conditions in the class so that no one knows for sure at the beginning what they have to come out, - says our craftswoman, Alina Štefan.

Thanks to Alina Štefan, who led the participants in this fascinating experience to help them better understand their feelings in different life situations.