Memorandum: "TAPS Foundation" and "Human Rights Group "SICH"

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TAPS Foundation has entered into a memorandum with the  Human Rights Group "SICH" to provide systematic and professional legal assistance to those who truly need it.

Participants and veterans of combat actions

Members of families of prisoners of war

Families of deceased and missing persons

Our lawyers and attorneys provide the following types of legal assistance:

Legal consultations and explanations on legal issues

Drafting of statements, complaints, requests, and other legal documents

Filing lawsuits and representing the interests of applicants in national courts, government bodies, and local self-government bodies

Documentation of human rights violations and war crimes committed by the Russian Federation

Defense in international courts

For assistance, please contact:

Address: Ushynsky Lane, 2/43, Tel. +380959033361, +380687620009 - in Dnipro, +380934544054 - in Western Ukraine.