Title: Guidebook on Coping with Military Loss


On Saturday, we presented a new handbook for the families of fallen Heroes of Ukraine and communities in our region who are involved in supporting these families.

Our team worked on it for close to six months to help those who have lost loved ones in war to better cope with the grief and difficulties associated with the loss of close relatives.

Our mothers and wives gathered, talked to our psychologist, received sample materials, and engaged in discussions with others who understand the situation, which greatly supports and provides resources for finding new meaning in life.

Yuliia Dmytrova, the head of the TAPS Charitable Foundation, said: "We really want to gather families in our space more often, so we have weekly support groups, children's events, and yoga therapy. This handbook will serve as a practical guide for any day when waves of grief or despair arise in the heart. It is based on the experience of psychologists who have been working with loss since 2014 and who know how to help better accept the loss and live with it."

The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. #RenaissanceFoundation.