During the conference "Program to support wives and families of veterans", which took place in

Kyiv School of Public Administration named after Serhiy Nizhny

Our manager, Yulia Dmytrova, presented the goals and projects of the fund to a wide audience, which is concerned with the support of families of military personnel and veterans.

Such an event became an extremely important step for our community, which works every day on the improvement and quality of every project or program for children, parents, wives and mothers of fallen Heroes of Ukraine.

The second event is a meeting with the leadership of the National Guard of Ukraine, during which they agreed on future cooperation with servicemen and their families, told about the fact that the activities of the fund are becoming more comprehensive: already in 2024, we are developing programs to provide systematic psychological support to the families of active military and the military themselves. Ahead is the signing of the memorandum and the beginning of joint work.