TAPS events and rest


To form the TAPS community, the foundation organizes joint family events that improve the mood and give an opportunity to be in a community of like-minded people, among their own.

Trips and excursions around Ukraine, holding picnics and workshops, planting trees. All of these are joint events for children, wives and parents of fallen servicemen that unite all generations.

Every month we come up with new events, including concerts, theater visits, excursions, and nature trips. For example, we implemented an interesting project called "Hiptherapy for Families" or "Lavender Picnic", where military wives and mothers collected lavender in the fields, and then took part in an extremely beautiful photo shoot. We also hold joint activities on snowshoeing and boating, because water also has a very good effect on improving mood.

Participating in art therapy master classes or doing yoga also involves our families in the TAPS community. And these are far from all the activities that we plan to carry out further.