Whitney Tilson purchased six boats for the TAPS Foundation.

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While the charitable foundation "TAPS" waits for donations to purchase boats, our friend and partner Whitney R. Tilson has already purchased six units for us. We thank our reliable friend and partner Whitney R. Tilson for his continuous support of Ukrainians during times of war because such boats are a crucial step for the defense and safety of the military formations we have been assisting since 2022, which defend every inch of our native land.

The AMIGO 390 boats from the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) series by the leading Ukrainian manufacturer Aqua-storm can achieve high speeds while maintaining maneuverability and control by improving contact with the water. These types of boats have increased cargo capacity and are resistant to rolling. The advantage of the AMIGO 390 boat is that it cannot sink because there is a special material inside the pontoons that keeps the boat afloat when hit by debris or bullets. This means that servicemen can safely reach their destination.

Support from foreign partners and friends is a significant part of assistance not only to Ukraine but to the entire world because Russian aggression has long exceeded the boundaries of our state and poses a threat to civilized society.

And we continue to appeal to those who care - to donate to us for the purchase of such important items for the military: speedboats, universal backpacks, Kevlar protection, and ATVs.

Together to victory!

Link to boat collection for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!