Art therapy is an important psychological tool in the manifestation of difficult feelings, especially in times of war. On the weekend, members of the "Taps" community took part in a painting workshop and painted their thoughts and dreams.

For many women, this experience was the first, but the positive effect was visible already at the beginning of drawing. Unfortunately, everyone has one common theme - the loss of a loved one in the war and the experience of grief. And each imagined what she would like to see and feel in order to ease her heartache.

Beautiful sea and bright sun, trees or a garden, birds that fly high in the sky to the clouds, abstraction that symbolizes life, warm landscapes and bright colors of nature - these are the subjects chosen by artists.

At the end, all our women thanked for such an opportunity to express their feelings through paint... One of the youngest participants, the daughter of a military man, impressed everyone present with her professional painting technique. She gave her own painting, with which to start the collection, to our friend and inspiration Bonnie Carroll with words of thanks.

Thanks to the La Pasta brand for supporting the initiatives of the "TAPS" BF aimed at finding mental resources and a new meaning of life for our families of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine. We also thank art.studio_inspiration for the talent and ability to inspire our women.