Military loss: how to survive it and live on (guide)


BO BF TAPS presents a practical guide "Military loss: how to survive it and live on", which was created with the support of  The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF).

The purpose of the manual is to help Ukrainians who are experiencing the loss of relatives and friends due to the war. Simple and accessible recommendations will gradually and carefully help you go through the experience of losing a loved one in the war. Also, it will be easier to understand and accept the inevitability of changes in life, but at the same time see new meanings that a person loses after a difficult event.

Thanks to our work since 2014 and the experience of many specialists in the field of psychology, we share simple and helpful techniques.

We wanted to help people understand their conditions and work through them, to give themselves time and opportunity to live, not to despair that it is possible, thanks to the experiences of other families.

We hope that our methodical manual will help the families of fallen soldiers, of whom, unfortunately, there are more and more in Ukraine, to survive a heavy loss with faith, love and memory of our Heroes.

The project is implemented with the support of the international foundation "Renaissance"

View the guide  "Military loss: how to survive it and live on" (ukranian version)