The "TAPS" charitable foundation has started a fundraiser for universal Kevlar protection for the Ukrainian military, which will save their lives!

Let's protect Ukrainian soldiers together with universal Kevlar protection against injuries during hostilities in Ukraine?

Total amount of collection: UAH 3,270,000 ($86,100)

Quantity: 300 sets of Kevlar protection (includes 3 positions)

One set: UAH 10,900 ($287)

How is our goal?

To provide Ukrainian defenders with reliable and universal protection against fragments, because according to statistics, 70% of wounds on the front line are fragments, and even the smallest fragment that gets into the most vulnerable points of the body (arteries, kidneys, heart, neck) can cost the life of a soldier.

Why do we choose Universal Kevlar Protection?

1. Most manufacturers make shatter protection from high molecular weight polyethylene (PE), and SafeKevlar, the company we work with, makes products only from Kevlar. After all, PE (polyethylene) has three main disadvantages (unstable to high temperature - a hot fragment can enter the body), and after a fragment or a bullet hits the back, a huge lump on the body or swelling can appear).

2. Kevlar - anatomically flexible, has very low specific electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, has low thermal shrinkage, and. - high resistance to tearing and cuts, fire resistance and has the property of self-extinguishing.

3. The Universal Kevlar Protection Kit contains everything you need to protect important points on the fighter's body: the neck, sides and groin.

4. Ballistic examination showed that a 9 mm bullet at a distance of 1 meter penetrates only 3-4 layers of 18 rounds.

This means that:

1) having a full set of Kevlar protection, each fighter has a much better chance of surviving in the event of a gunshot or fragmentation defeat.

2) In the event of injury, Kevlar protection protects the soldier from severe bruising, hematoma or swelling and allows for faster rehabilitation and a full life.

Let's protect the Ukrainian military with universal Kevlar protection, which is extremely important during active hostilities and Russian aggression in Ukraine!

Let's help our Ukrainian soldiers save their lives thanks to high-quality Kevlar protection!