BACKPACK "Rolltop"

The TAPS Charity Fund has opened a fundraiser to purchase universal modular backpacks to support Ukrainian military personnel!

The TAPS Charity Fund has opened a fundraiser to purchase universal modular backpacks to support Ukrainian military personnel!

Let's buy universal modular backpacks together ?!

Total amount raised: 485,000 UAH (12,564 $)

Quantity: 300 backpacks

Cost of one backpack: 4950 UAH (128 $)

Who are we?

The TAPS Charity Fund has been providing support and psychological assistance to the families of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine and helping Ukrainian defenders who protect Ukraine since 2018. In 2022, at the beginning of the large-scale invasion, "TAPS" established a large volunteer headquarters in Dnipro, which was involved in providing assistance to the Armed Forces, evacuating people and animals from hot spots, as well as assisting the military, medics, and hospitals in many regions of Ukraine. Thanks to partners from Europe and the USA, the charity fund helps Ukrainians affected by the war.

What is our goal?

To provide Ukrainian defenders with comfortable and universal SafeKevlar ''SK'' Rolltop backpacks, which are universal as they can be used by infantry, medics, and aerial reconnaissance.

Why do military personnel need the universal backpack SafeKevlar ''SK'' Rolltop?

1. It is compact and capacious, at the same time light and easy to carry.

2. Made of high-quality materials: Cordura 1000d Oxford 800pvc (lining) and Woojin hardware, which make it reliable and durable in any weather conditions (cold or heat, rain or snow).

3. Ideal volume - 55-65l, which allows you to take everything you need in combat conditions: products, water, clothes, medicine.

4. Convenient size: folded form - 5019*32, unfolded form - 65*1932.

5. The upper adjustable compartment for items and the main compartment has a soft Velcro around the perimeter, for accommodating a modular system or accessories.

This means that:

1. Military personnel will be able to move easily and quickly with all necessary items over long distances.

2. You can take products, clothes, and medicine with you.

3. If necessary, the backpack can be folded or unfolded.

4. The universal backpack SafeKevlar ''SK'' Rolltop - an indispensable assistant to Ukrainian military personnel who move a lot during combat missions.

5. In a critical situation, the soldier will be confident that he has everything he needs to help himself and his comrades, when returning to the point of deployment is impossible or when it is necessary to provide medical assistance.

Let's buy backpacks together to help the Ukrainian military, who defend Ukraine and the world from the Russian aggressor in hot directions!