Means of Electronic Warfare (EW)

The "TAPS" charity fund has launched a fundraiser for the EW PARASOL 01 and EW PARASOL 02, which will help the military disrupt the execution of enemy UAV tasks in various ranges targeting the destruction of personnel or equipment.

Total amount: 8,900,000 UAH (222778.4 USD)

Quantity: 40 units

PARASOL 01 = 280,000 (20 units) = 5,600,000 UAH (142506,69 USD)

PARASOL 02 (12V/24V) - 165,000 (20 units) = 3,300,000 UAH (83454,99 USD)

Who are we?

The TAPS Charity Fund has been providing support and psychological assistance to the families of fallen Heroes of Ukraine since 2018 and helps Ukrainian defenders who protect Ukraine. In 2022, at the beginning of the large-scale invasion, TAPS established a large volunteer headquarters in Dnipro, which was involved in assisting the Armed Forces, evacuating people and animals from hot spots, and providing assistance to the military, medics, and hospitals in many regions of Ukraine. Thanks to partners from Europe and the USA, the charity fund helps Ukrainians affected by the war.


What is our goal?

To provide the defenders of Ukraine with the EW PARASOL 01 and EW PARASOL 02, so that the military can protect themselves, their comrades, and their equipment from enemy attacks by Russian terrorists. We can achieve this thanks to MIKSSTIL LLC, which professionally develops and produces EW to protect the Ukrainian army from various types of enemy UAVs.


Why do we need the EW PARASOL 01 and EW PARASOL 02?


EW "PARASOL" 01 is designed for:


  1. Disrupting the execution of enemy UAV tasks, including FPV drones, through electronic jamming of onboard UAV radio electronic systems (receiver).
  2.  This model is known for its convenience and "trench" design.
  3.  Unlike other EW systems, PARASOL offers the advantage of being virtually invisible to enemy EW.


What is included in the EW "PARASOL" 01 set:


  1.  EW device, including a battery - 1 unit.
  2.  Set of circular tubular antennas - 5 units.
  3.   Power supply unit - 1 unit.
  4.   Transportation bag - 1 unit.
  5.  EW passport - 1 unit.


EW "PARASOL" 02 is designed for:

  1.  Protection of vehicles from FPV drones and radio-controlled explosives.
  2.  Can be mounted on any mobile unit and can be used while in motion or while the vehicle is stationary.
  3.  It can be connected to the vehicle's onboard network and can be additionally equipped with a 12V power supply.

What is included in the EW "PARASOL" 02 set:

  1.  EW device with fixed antennas - 1 unit.
  2. Remote control unit - 1 unit.
  3.  Set of connecting wires and mounting devices for transport and military equipment - 1 unit.
  4.  EW passport - 1 unit.

This means:

  1. Both EW models disrupt the execution of enemy UAV tasks in different frequency ranges.
  2.  PARASOL 01 protects the positions of the military and jams Russian FPV drones within a range of 200 meters.
  3.  PARASOL 02 protects vehicles within a range of 200 meters.
  4.  Timely defense against the enemy during combat encounters and life-saving measures.
  5.  Very easy to operate. One can learn to use them in 10-15 minutes.
  6.  Effective execution of combat missions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers without losses and injuries.


Means of Electronic Warfare (EW) "PARASOL" 01 and "PARASOL" 02 for the protection of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from enemy UAVs are equally important as weapons.

EW provides the opportunity to detect enemy drones and strike the enemy before they can cause destructive harm to soldiers or the Ukrainian military equipment.

Supporting the Ukrainian military is a contribution to the security and freedom of the whole world!