The TAPS Charity Fund has launched a fundraiser for boats that will help the military move quickly on water during combat missions and evacuate the wounded.

Let's buy speed boats for our Ukrainian defenders together?

Total sum: 6,400,000 UAH

Quantity: 100

Cost per boat: Model AMIGO 390, RIB - $64,000 ($1600)

Who are we?

The TAPS Charitable Foundation has been providing support and psychological assistance to the families of fallen Ukrainian Heroes since 2018 and has been helping Ukrainian defenders defending Ukraine. In 2022, at the beginning of the large-scale invasion, TAPS created a large volunteer headquarters in Dnipro, which was involved in helping the military, evacuating people and animals from hot spots, and assisting the military, medics, and hospitals in various regions of Ukraine. Thanks to our partners in Europe and the USA, the charitable foundation assists Ukrainians affected by the war.

What is our goal?

To provide Ukrainian defenders with speed boats: Model AMIGO 390 RIB - $64,000 from the leading boat manufacturer "Aqua-storm" to accelerate movements in water spaces and evacuate the wounded from hot front points to safe locations.

Why speed boats?

These means of water transportation offer significant advantages:

  1. They can achieve high speeds of up to 40 km/h and can accommodate up to 6 people due to their internal cockpit dimensions (control cabin - 268 x 85)
  2. They maintain good manoeuvrability and control through better contact with water
  3. They have increased load-carrying capacity, allowing fighters to transport essential items and weapons
  4. They have good stability in rough waters as the inflatable balloons absorb wave impacts
  5. They have excellent equipment and convenient accessories: steering console, soft double seats, and comfortable handles
  6. AMIGO 390 RIB boats cannot be sunk as there is a special material inside the balloons that keeps the boat afloat, crucial for combat missions on water
  7. They come equipped with everything needed for fighters: oars, seats, repair kit and five carries

This means:

1. Effective and quick execution of combat missions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in various water bodies of Ukraine (seas, rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, springs, reservoirs).

2. Effective resistance to the enemy during combat encounters and timely saving of lives.                             

Let's show our support and patriotism by buying such boats for the Ukrainian Armed Forces? Because water vehicles, particularly speed boats like the AMIGO 390 RIB, play a leading role in successfully carrying out combat missions on the front line.

Who has already helped buy boats?

While we are raising donations, our constant and reliable partner, Whitney Tilson (USA), has already purchased six boats for the Special Operations Forces. More details here Our friend and partner Whitney R. Tilson has already bought us six units


Join us in actively supporting the Ukrainian military who defend our lives!